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Why It's Important to Weatherproof Your Commercial Door

Winter can have a serious impact on the integrity of commercial overhead doors. The severe cold has been known to cause numerous problems to garage doors, leaving businesses with untimely financial burdens. As we dive deeper into bone-chilling temperatures, it may be time to make sure your commercial door is weatherproofed before it’s too late.

Seven Simple Tips for Weatherizing Your Garage

Your attached garage acts like a buffer between the outdoors and your interior living space, and can be a source of considerable energy loss if it's letting in cold air from outside. So, it needs to be weatherized, especially if your attached garage functions as a laundry room, workshop or other space with consistent in and out traffic. Otherwise, all that cold air will eventually make its way into your home, driving up your energy costs. 

Fortunately, there are some easy improvements you can make to your garage in order to increase energy efficiency and reduce heating costs during these cold winter months.

7 Signs That It's Time To Call A Garage Door Mechanic

As the holidays approach, budgets become a bit tighter, and we all try to put off the household projects for another month or two. Unfortunately, your garage door never gets to take a holiday and the changing seasons begin to take their toll. Ignoring the warning signals your garage door is sending you can mean that "repair" just became "replace", and you won't want to put that off until the dead of winter. How can you tell it's time to call in an expert? Here are a few of the most common signs that your door is asking for help.

Garage Door Dealers: 6 Frequently Asked Customer Questions

When you're a homeowner making a substantial change to your home, there are likely questions you want to be answered. Having been in the garage door industry for more than 50 years, we've been asked a lot of questions from our customers.

Western New York's Ugliest Garage Door Contest 2019

It's that time again! If your garage door is so embarrassingly ugly that you think it could win you a brand new one, we want to see it!

Garage Door Repair Estimates: What Can You Expect to Pay?

When you encounter unexpected garage door problems, the first thing you probably wonder is, "How am I going to get this fixed?" We compiled some of the most common repairs and their costs.

6 Tips For National Garage Door Safety Month

June is National Garage Door Safety Month and we're here to provide you with a list of the most common accidents that happen involving a garage door. While a new garage door model will have the latest in safety features and technology to protect your family and home, accidents can happen. 

Spring Break? Not Fun When It's Your Garage Door

Everyone enjoys spring break, but nobody enjoys a spring break when it comes to your garage door. You may know it as the horrible, loud noise coming from your garage when you use it. When you operate your garage door, it doesn't work the same. These are signs that your garage door's lifting spring has decided to give out on you.

Best Projects For National Home Improvement Month

May marks National Home Improvement Month and it's an exciting time of year! The weather is getting nicer and we are itching to spruce up our homes after a rough winter. While this time of year is great for DIY projects, there's some serious value you can add to your home with two professional mid-range home improvement projects.

5 Reasons You Need A New Garage Door Opener

If it's time for a new garage door opener, you probably already know! New garage door opener models offer convenient capabilities that you may not know about. We've compiled five reasons why installing a new garage door opener is the right thing to do!

Clopay: Realtors Say Stepping Up Curb Appeal Will Greatly Improve Resale Value

Okay, so we've shared how a new quality garage door yielded the highest return on investment for midrange and upscale projects in 2018. To add to the excitement, REMODELING magazine and Clopay have released new findings on the topic that will have homeowners jumping for joy (or a new garage door)!

Picking Out The Right Garage Door Color

Color is an extremely important factor when making changes to the aesthetic of your home. Of course, a garage door is a big change. You probably know the benefits and features of a new garage door, but deciding on its color is a big step. The color of your garage door can influence a lot about your home's appearance (and curb appeal). A quality garage door will last you 10-15 years, so you want to pick the right color for your home. With different brands, styles, and colors to choose from, it can seem like a lot. Thankfully, you have us to help!

Complementing Your Entry Door With Your Garage door

Color plays an important role when selecting the right garage door for your home, but what about styling it to your front entry door? To match or not to match? That is the question. When you throw materials, textures, and color into the mix, it can get a little complicated. No worries, though, we've got some tips to help you make a decision. Is your garage door front-facing? You may want to match it to the entry door then! The average home will have three colors to work with: trim, siding, and doors/shutters. What's the most popular to complement with your garage door? Your front door!

Upgrading Your Commercial Door in 2019

Giving your business a new look for the new year is something we can get behind! Whether you run a small business with a few employees or are the decision-maker for a large organization--there are probably commercial doors in your building that need some updating. Safety is a huge priority in any workplace, which is why properly functioning commercial doors are a necessity for your building. The good news? Hamburg Overhead Door is the largest overhead door company in Western New York and we offer the best of the best in commercial door models.

4 Ways LiftMaster's Smart Garage Door System Makes Life Easier

Home improvements can be a tough decision when you have things to consider like timelines, labor, and of course--a budget. When a product makes your day less stressful, that tough decision becomes a lot easier to make. LiftMaster's myQ smart home technology allows you to control your garage door, lighting, and home security from anywhere. As a homeowner, convenience and security are often a top priority.

New Year, New Garage Door

Have you made a resolution for the new year yet? Sometimes, it's best to pick something around the house to work on, or maybe it's your home in general. Does your garage need some work? Maybe it's just the garage door? At Hamburg Overhead Door, we don't just replace garage doors; if you're looking to fix that dent in a panel that's been bugging you, or get that squeaky noise checked that you hear when you open and close your garage door, 2019 is the time to do it!

Does Homeowners' Insurance Cover My Garage Door Repair or Replacement?

Garage doors can go through a lot. After all, protecting your garage and home requires a lot of durability and care! While a high-quality garage door will last you 10-15 years, accidents can happen. Your kids may crash into the garage door while playing hockey, or maybe your garage gets damaged by severe weather--regardless of the reason, you'll likely need to get it fixed. For those with homeowners' insurance, there may be an opportunity to receive money to help pay for a repair or replacement. Your garage is part of your home, isn't it? While each policy differs, there are some situations that your homeowners' insurance may cover your garage door repairs. 

Keeping Your Garage Pest-Free

A garage is an excellent shelter for your car, power equipment, tools and whatever else you may want to store each season. Unfortunately, many pests and bugs find your garage rather accommodating too. A garage provides pests with a warm, safe place that has multiple entrance points, including one very large entry point--the garage door. Typical pests you'll find in the garage include rodents, crickets, spiders, flies, silverfish and sometimes larger wildlife. So, how do you keep these pests out of your garage and home? 

Home Improvement Project With the Most ROI in 2018

Who doesn't love a good remodeling project? What makes home improvement projects even better is when they offer a great return on investment (ROI) for your efforts. You may be thinking about replacement windows for winter, or a new front door, but what will provide the most bang for your buck? According to the new 2018 Cost vs. Value Report from Remodeling magazine, replacing your old garage door with an upscale new model is the best value of the 21 midrange and upscale projects that were evaluated. 

WNY's Ugliest Garage Door Contest 2018 Winners

We asked and Western New York over delivered--talk about role reversal! It's been a busy season getting our customers' garage doors ready for winter! However, that didn't stop us from awarding the three finalists of 2018's Ugliest Garage Door Contest! We want to thank each and every entrant, voter and contestant!!!! Western New York knows how to make a contest fun, that's for sure. Thanks to all of you, three lucky winners got a new garage door installed in their homes! 

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