Garage Door Repair Estimates: What Can You Expect to Pay?

Garage door repair costsWhen you encounter unexpected garage door problems, the first thing you probably wonder is, "How am I going to get this fixed?" While some garage door maintenance can be done at home, repairs should be left to a professional to ensure safety and performance. Home Advisor reports that the average garage door repair cost will vary depending on location, but you can expect anywhere between $147 and $341. For specific issues, we compiled some of the most common repairs and their costs (as reported by Home Advisor). 

National averages for common garage door repairs:

Wheel track obstruction 

If your garage door isn't functioning at all, try to close the door manually to see if there is something wrong with its wheel track. If the track is damaged, you'll be able to tell by its faulty operation. It's important to call a professional for this repair. Garage door systems are extremely heavy and need to be repaired with proper tools and expertise. You can expect to pay about $133 to $154 for this repair. 

If your garage door won't open or close, the cause can vary. If your garage door safety sensors are blocked it will prevent operation; this is a common seasonal problem when debris or snow gets in the path of sensors. Try clearing this area! Another common problem stopping a garage door from operating is a dead battery in the opener. If nothing is blocking the sensors and you don't notice any damage, try changing the battery in your garage door opener. 

Spring issues 

When you notice your garage door is uneven or hanging, it's probably due to the spring mechanism. Garage door springs are vital parts of the system, but that requires the tension to be strong and the spring to be heavy; with that being said, this is a repair you most certainly need a professional for. You can expect to pay $300 or more for this repair. 

Track issues 

Another mechanism stopping garage door use is the track when bent or damaged. A warped garage door track will cause an uneven operation or prevent opening and closing altogether. If your garage door is loud during use, such as screeching or squealing, it's likely that there is a track issue. You can expect to pay anywhere from $133 to $154 for a typical track repair. 

Broken chains or cables 

If your garage door falls quickly or bounces, it's probably from broken chains or cables. Even though your overhead door is operating, you want it to be safe for you and your family. Call in a professional to take care of this repair. You can expect to pay between $150 and $200 to repair broken chains or cables. 

Garage door repair services

Okay, so you've identified that your garage door is in need of repair or replacement. The next step is to contact a professional to get the job done right. Now that you have a basis of cost for common garage door repairs, you know what to expect! At Hamburg Overhead Door, we provide free estimates for all your garage door needs. If you're a Western New York homeowner in need of some garage door attention, all you have to do is reach out!