Garage Door Dealers: 6 Frequently Asked Customer Questions

Garage door dealer FAQsWhen you're a homeowner making a substantial change to your home, there are likely questions you want to be answered. Having been in the garage door industry for more than 50 years, we've been asked a lot of questions from our customers. While most people would like to know the cost of repairing or replacing their garage door, that answer can vary depending on the work you need to be done (we broke down some of that information here). Here are six frequently asked questions received by a garage door dealer. 

Should I choose a metal or wood garage door?

It all depends on your preference. Each door material has its different features and needs. Wood garage doors are a beautiful, classic option that allows you to customize your entryway; they require regular upkeep to maintain their desired appearance, but for some homeowners, the aesthetic is worth it. Steel or fiberglass doors have more modern features like being low-maintenance and offering stronger insulation. It all comes down to your climate needs and style!  

What about an insulated or non-insulated door?

If your garage door is attached to the house, you'll want it to be insulated. If there is a room above or to the side of the garage, it good to have the door insulated; this helps reduce heat loss to keep your home more comfortable and reduce energy use. If you use your garage as a work space or to store power tools, you may want an insulated door to keep the environment warm (especially if you live in a colder climate).

If insulated, do I choose polystyrene or polyurethane?

The climate in which you live affects the thickness your garage door should have to reduce heat loss. Polyurethane provides optimal thermal performance with the same thickness as polystyrene. The more polyurethane foam a garage door is insulated with, the higher the thermal resistance will be--helpful if you live in a climate like Buffalo!

How long does a new garage door last?

A brand new, quality garage door with polyurethane foam can last up to 20 years. The garage door system itself will function well long-term with proper maintenance. As far as the paint finish and structure, that is something you can easily maintain throughout the years!

How much headroom space is needed above the door system?

Typically, you want about 14 inches of space for the hardware system and electric door opener. The minimum space possible is six inches; this requires a double-track system that allows smaller headroom. If you have too much headroom, most hardware systems can adjust to accommodate it!

Can I put windows in the garage door?

Of course, you can! Before deciding on windows for your garage door, consider two things: natural light and security. Natural light is a great way to utilize your garage as more than, well, a garage. If you are concerned with security, you may not want to add windows that can be used as a point of access to open your door. The decision is up to you!

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