Surviving Winter in Buffalo: Get An Insulated Garage Door

It gets pretty frigid during the winter in Western New York. Sometimes, it's freezing even in October! Staying comfortable in your home all year-round should be stress-free; unfortunately, sometimes high heating bills and cold drafts wreak havoc on homeowners. While you're trying to manage snow and ice on your property, you don't want to worry about warm air escaping your home. One of the biggest culprits of unwanted heat flow is a poorly insulated garage door. Because attached garages share walls with the house, any air that travels through the garage will affect the space beside it. When your attached garage gets colder, your home does too. 

Insulated garage doors save homeowners money & provide comfort

clopay insulated doorIn a study performed by Clopay engineers, replacing your old garage door with an energy efficient model can reduce energy loss through the garage by up to 71 percent! How is this accomplished? Well, for example, Clopay is a brand we are proud to carry for a reason. Protecting your garage and home from the harsh temperatures of winter is simple with Intellicore® insulation technology that each Clopay door is filled with. Injected into the garage door during its manufacturing, Intellicore® proprietary polyurethane foam expands and fills the whole door with dense insulation. Not only does this keep cold air out, but it also keeps the door's operation as quiet as any other door on the market. 

A new garage door can keep your garage an average of 5 to 10 degrees warmer than an old door with poor insulation. A well-insulated garage is a lot more convenient, too! Cold weather can cause problems for homeowners who have appliances, power equipment and other sensitive items stored in the garage. With less extreme temperatures in your garage, there's less of a chance that exposed pipes and appliances will freeze. Being active in the winter usually means keeping some gear in the garage--you want that to stay a comfortable temperature too! With an insulated garage door, comfort is not only possible, but it's also easy.

Picking the right garage door for your home

We get it--deciding on a new garage door is a big decision. With big moves come big benefits! When it comes to a new garage door, you want a model that will properly insulate your garage (of course), but what about the way it looks, or, how about the material? At Hamburg Overhead Door, our in-home consultations include a program that stylizes an image of your home with different garage door options so you can pick the perfect model for your home. Until then, you can play around with garage door styles using Clopay's Design Center. We want you to love your new garage door and our technicians will provide you with advice, ideas and a firm idea of the cost. 

It's already getting chilly in Western New York and it's only fall! Are you ready to step up your home's curb appeal and comfort before winter really hits? Contact us today for a free sales estimate or garage door maintenance to get things squared away before it looks (and feels) like a tundra outside.