What to Expect At Your Free Garage Door Consultation

 So, you're a homeowner that's interested in a new garage door. What's the next step? At Hamburg Overhead Door, we offer a free consultation to help you figure out exactly what you want. What does this consultation entail? We decided to break down the consultation process for our customers to show exactly what happens when our technicians come out to give you an estimate. If you are still in the decision-making process, our free consultation will assist you in brainstorming every step of getting a new garage door. Here's what you can expect:

Color samples you can touch and feel.

Examples help! We bring color samples to each consultation so you have the option to hold different colors against your garage, or show your family for their thoughts. It's important to us that you get as many resources as possible deciding the look and feel of your new garage door. This is a great time to figure out just how you want garage door to look -- and then we can make it happen!

Computer program to stylize an image of your home with different options.

Seeing color samples in person is great, but we don't stop there. Our technicians can take a photo of your home and put different garage door images on it to get an even better idea of what you like. This way, you can choose a color in person and see a rendering of what your garage would look like with it.

Expert advice and solutions.

Selecting your new garage door is a big decision; which is why we're there to help. Our experts have been in the industry for a number of years. They can help you with any questions about durability, maintenance, functionality, insulation -- you name it. There's a lot of benefits to having a new garage door, which is why our technicians will make sure you are happy with your decision -- guaranteed.

A firm idea of the cost.

At the consultation, we take a measurement of the outside opening and the inside of the garage to avoid track and clearance issues. This way, there's no unexpected costs or time delays when it comes to installation. When we say free estimate -- we mean it. There's no obligation to the homeowner to make a decision that day (or at all). There's a reason Hamburg Overhead Door has been servicing Western New York for over 50 years -- because we care about our customers and always plan to over deliver.

Ready to step up your curb appeal? Contact us today to schedule your free garage door consultation or stop by our showroom in Hamburg!