Prepare Your Garage For Cold Weather

Summer may not be over, but in Western New York, we know to prepare for anything. As the warm weather winds down and we get closer to fall, one of the prime summertime spaces must be prepped for the new season--the garage. Every homeowner is different, but many use their garage for a variety of uses, like storage or as a workspace. We broke down a few steps to take to get your garage in tiptop condition for when the weather starts to drop:

Organize your space

This step is obvious but important! Start by organizing what is staying in the garage, and what may be moved to a different storage location. Items such as power equipment units and paint cans should be moved inside to avoid damage. Cold weather can do a number on many items we keep in the garage, so it's vital to clean up from summer and see where everything is going to go! It isn't easy finding space for everything--bicycles, lawnmower, boxes, tools, cars... how does it all fit? Before you wipe down and sweep the garage, swap out your seasonal items to get your garage how you want it! 

Insulate when necessary 

Keep things comfortable! Insulating an attached garage is a necessity for homes in Western New York. If you have plumbing to your garage, insulate any exposed pipes; you can do this by purchasing pre-made insulation that fits around most pipe sizes. You can even wrap windows in the garage to prevent airflow. It might seem like a lot of extra work, but a poorly-insulated attached garage can suck warm air right out of your home--increasing your heating bills all winter. Once you've insulated what you can, the final step (and most important step) is making sure your garage door is ready, too!

Winterize your garage door

Cold weather is not an ideal time for a faulty garage door! Taking steps to ensure your garage door is ready for cold weather can save you from future frustration. The first thing you'll want to do is make sure any batteries used in the garage door opener or remote/keypad are ready to last until (at least) spring. While batteries can last from one to five years, extreme weather can affect the performance of the battery--if it hasn't been replaced in a year or two--it's time. 

Perform a weather stripping inspection! Weather stripping helps your garage door battle the elements, but it can freeze and weaken over time from pooling water that forms from snow and ice. If your weather stripping is worn from the previous winter, you'll want to replace it. 

Lastly, run a test! Does your garage door reverse properly? Maybe you need to lubricate the moving parts of your garage door? If something sounds squeaky or seems off, check it out before it worsens from cold weather. 

While our garages provide us with a useful space, the garage door is what makes it a safe, comfortable area to use. During winter in Western New York, you want a quality, insulated garage door that works to keep your home a comfortable (and affordable) temperature. If your garage door is in need of repair or replacement--now is a good time of year. Contact Hamburg Overhead Door today for a free in-home estimate on all your garage door needs!