Keep Your Garage Safe This Winter With These 5 Tips

As we approach the holidays and colder weather, homeowners are preparing for winter home maintenance. Shoveling or plowing your driveway isn't only about convenience, it's about safety! Snow and ice can produce some serious challenges for homeowners, especially in Western New York. Once your driveway is clear of snow, take the time to address these five tips to keep your garage a safe environment for your family and belongings:

Power Equipment

Many homeowners store equipment such as generators and pressure washers in their garage. You may already know to drain the fuel of your generator, but do you drain your pressure washer? Drain the water out of your pressure washer before storing it in the garage all winter. This is necessary to avoid the washers' pipes freezing and bursting, or cracking your tool. Make sure to drain all water, fuel or and any other product that may suffer damage from the cold.


One of the most common places to store paint, the garage is a great place to house paint cans. In colder climates, severe cold will damage paint. If your paint is being kept on the floor, try moving them onto a shelf or store them inside for the season. You want to store paint in a dry, cool place, but not that cold!

Food Storage

Keeping an emergency supply of food in the garage is a smart plan, but winter may be the time you want to move your food storage inside. Some cans will explode upon freezing, which can be messy and even dangerous. Your canned food may not explode, but frozen cans will decrease the quality of food. Let your backup food source stay intact and move store extra food inside during the winter.

Holiday Decorating & Electronics

Few electronics will survive in your garage if you live in a climate that gets close to freezing. It's important to take any stored TVs or computers into your home to protect them from damage. During the holidays, you're likely going to hang up some lights! Holiday lights may be resilient, but don't test your durability while hanging them up. It's important to follow appropriate safety measures when decorating the exterior of your home. Make sure to use proper extension cords, check that there aren't any empty sockets and keep cords out of reach of children.

Garage Door

The final step to ensuring garage safety is the door itself! A garage door that is well-insulated and functional will keep the inside energy efficient and safe. Be aware of the sensors and area underneath your garage. Keep everything clear of snow and ice to make sure nothing disrupts the path of your garage door.

Follow these tips to keep your safe and garage problem-free as winter approaches. No matter what uses your garage has, quick adjustments for safety will allow it to remain useful all year round!