Garage Door Security Tips

The garage is a common place to keep expensive items that don't really fit somewhere in the house. Power tools, lawnmowers and cars are just a few of the valuable things we often keep in the garage. Is there anything wrong with relying on your garage for storage? No way! But, there are probably a few security measures you can take to make sure your garage stays off limits to unwanted guests or intruders. Here are five tips to make sure your garage and home are protected:

Get a garage door opener that does the work for you

Technology offers homeowners a lot of convenience to day-to-day life activities, including garage door usage! While your opener may have a timer on it, you can take it to the next step have a "smart opener" installed. LiftMaster 8550W Elite Series® Wi-Fi® Garage Door Opener, for example, allows you to control and monitor your garage door from a synced smartphone. This is a prime security option for the homeowner looking to have all eyes on their garage door activity! Installing a security system that is connected to your garage door is another excellent security feature -- it all depends on how far you want to go. 

Keep side/entry doors closed and locked

Many homeowners will close their garage door but leave the entry door to their home from the garage unlocked. Maybe you live in a neighborhood where you feel comfortable enough to do so, which is a nice feeling; however, safety precautions are a great feeling as well. The side door to your garage, or "service" door, is often overlooked as an easy point of access for intruders. It's best to keep each door closed and locked! It's nice to keep the garage open in summer when you are working around the house, but be conscious of the multiple points of access your garage has when you are finished. 

Frost or cover garage windows 

A wise move if you store valuables in the garage -- frost or cover any windows. You can apply a translucent film to the glass, preventing others from seeing in while still letting in light. Garage doors will also come with multiple window options, depending on the brand you are looking at. Concealing windows can be stylish, too! 

Install motion detector lights around the garage

Whether you have a security system in place or not, you can upgrade your garage light fixtures to have motion detector lights; these lights will turn on when motion is detected around the garage, and then turn off after a preset time. Covered windows will stop an intruder from looking inside, but motion detector lights may stop an intruder from trying altogether! 

Upgrade your garage door for heightened security and benefits

Having a quality garage door itself is a sure-fire way to keep people out! No matter if you have an attached or detached garage, side door or not -- a new garage door will provide a strong barrier between the outdoors and your home. Not only do modern garage doors have new technology, systems and material to provide improved durability and function, they enhance your overall home's value!

If you're looking to improve the security of your garage with a door repair or replacement, schedule a free garage door consultation with us to get started!