Improve Your Home's Value With A New Garage Door

Like many homeowners, it's important that your home is a smart investment. An attached garage takes up almost half of your home's facade, so they're rather significant when it comes to adding value. Not only does a new garage door provide a multitude of benefits, it even helps determine a home's property value. In fact, in 2017, it's reported that a garage door replacement was the #3 national home project under $5,000 to deliver the most resale value. Even if you aren't looking to upgrade your home to increase its value to prospective buyers, there's a few more ways a new garage door can boost your property value:

Stepping Up Curb Appeal

Appearance isn't everything, but enhancing the street view of your home is something any homeowner can enjoy. A new garage door can be customized with color, material -- anything you want to give your home a fresh look. If you plan to sell your home eventually, remember that the exterior of your home is what attracts buyers! Of course, replacing your garage door to take pride in where you live is as great of a reason as any. Not only will a new garage door make your home more valuable, you'll feel great about coming home to it.

Increasing Energy Savings

A home's value is increased by at least 4% when an insulated garage door is installed. An attached garage needs insulation to prevent heat loss from the home. Lack of insulation is a common cause for high energy bills. A garage door with a high R-value will provide significant insulation; the R-value (resistance to heat flow) you need is based on the climate you live in. Not only will you save money on heating bills, you'll create a more energy efficient household -- which is a valuable thing in this day and age.

Keeping Things Secure

Technology is a valuable thing. Home's with a new garage door benefit from enhanced security features. Durable and safe, a new garage door is a reliable barrier between your home and the world. Protection is important to homeowners and buyers alike. Adding smart technology to your garage door can add to its safety and value as well. With a garage door you can control and monitor from anywhere -- security is at your fingertips! While technology is convenient, safety is necessary; a quality garage door will provide your home with both!