A Smart Garage Door For The Smart Homeowner

Have you ever worried that you left your garage door open? An exposed garage can leave valuables and the entrance to your home open to intruders, inclement weather and unwanted critters. If you're a homeowner in 2017, then you likely have some sort of smart device hooked up to your electronics. Smart technology allows us to connect household items to wifi, making our daily activities less consuming of our time and energy. Did you know this convenient feature can be applied to your garage door?


Hamburg Overhead Door offers the latest LiftMaster door opener technology that allows you to control your garage door directly from a smartphone. This handy features allows you to monitor garage door activity -- seeing if it's open or closed, in addition to receiving real-time alerts about its use. Gone are the days of waiting to be in range of your garage door to use the opener in your car. By downloading a free mobile app, you can control your garage door from anywhere. How does it work? Our technicians will install LiftMaster technology onto your overhead door system or include it with a new garage door, then just download the appropriate app to test its connection. Once the initial process is complete, you're able to change settings and set alerts. Customize alerts to notify you if your door is used, recording all activity for you and providing the option to close your garage (or open it for a guest)!


A reliable, high-quality garage door is the first step in adding value to your home, but an overhead door with wifi capabilities is the next step to adding convenience and peace of mind. The LiftMaster Elite Series is a high-performance, affordable addition to any "smart" home. Wifi isn't the only benefit of this overhead system, durable motors and quiet performance provide a garage door that is convenient, as well as long-lasting.


Don't stop at your garage! You can setup your smartphone to control your garage door, lights, heating and cooling, security alarms -- almost anything. Decide on settings and notifications that make your day-to-day responsibilities easier! A smart homeowner knows the value in safety, reliability and convenience.


We are proud to offer the LiftMaster 8550W Elite Series® Wi-Fi® Garage Door Opener to our customers looking for a modern solution to garage door access. If you have questions about installation, pricing or garage door wifi connectivity, our knowledgeable technicians are available for everything you need. Let's upgrade your overhead door to become one of the smartest devices in your home!