Garage Door Panel Sections: Repair Vs. Replace

A garage door is a complex system with connected, moving parts that function as one. The largest component of a garage door is its panel sections. Composed of at least three hinged panels, a quality garage door is durable, but not invincible. These panels are often accidentally damaged by vehicles, but extreme weather can take its toll on them as well. If you notice damage on a panel section from the outside while your garage door is closed, or from below when it's open, you're probably wondering if you can fix just that one panel. Well, the short answer is yes, but let's go over your options:


When a garage door panel is damaged, it is sometimes possible to just replace that panel; however, the cost or final look of the new panel may not be ideal depending on the situation. Think of repairing garage door panel sections as a case-by-case project. Most importantly, the panel may not be the only thing wrong with the garage door system. 

Garage door components are designed and measured for each door by size and weight to ensure a safe, effective operation. It's vital for a professional to perform a repair because one panel could mess up the entire structural integrity of the garage door. The new panel may look nice, but the moving parts of the garage door system may still need work done. Each part of the garage door must be inspected to make sure there is no damage to any other parts, aside from the panel. 

From a cosmetic standpoint, having one panel installed to an existing garage may not look as expected. Garage doors experience wear from weather, contact and age. When a new panel is added, it may not match the color of the existing panels. Make sure the technician you enlist understands the material of your overhead door and knows the model information. Repairing one panel is definitely doable, but it's mostly a short-term fix. If you're concerned about curb appeal or long-term functionality, you'll probably want to replace the garage door


Sometimes it's more cost-effective to just replace the entire garage door. Here are a few situations where you can skip the guesswork: 

  • A garage door model that is 15+ years in age with no replacement parts
  • Specific custom carriage house designs
  • Sagging garage door panels
  • Major dents on multiple panels

In order to replace a single panel section, you'll need to provide the dealer/technician with the door model, size of section, color, and if it's a top, bottom or middle panel. If your garage door is old, there may not be a panel available that suits the model. 

Remember, safety is the most important factor in your decision. The best method is to call in an honest professional to assess the situation. If your garage door is relatively new and carried by dealers, you may be able to have the panel replaced with no hassle. 

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