Designing A New Garage? Here Are Some Things to Think About

Warm weather makes summer a popular time for home remodeling projects -- and for good reason! One way to transform a home is by adding or redesigning the garage. Not only will a new garage add value to your home, you'll have the ability to customize it however you want. Planning is a crucial first step to ensure a stress-free project. If you're looking to upgrade your garage space this summer, here are a few things to consider:

Planning your dream garage


Do you have the option for an attached or detached garage? Attaching a garage to your house may prove to be a bigger project, but you may not have the space to build a garage elsewhere! Make sure to contact an experienced structural engineer or contractor to plan a realistic, functional design. 


The standard size in America is a two-car garage. If you plan to store more items in your garage, you may want one slightly larger. Again, space can be a limitation here. Maybe a two-car garage size is plenty for you and your family -- just consider your storage needs when planning the size. 


What is your new garage going to be used for? This is a great time to be creative! There are a lot of uses for a garage in addition to providing extra storage. Garages can be great spaces for crafts, entertainment, working out, growing plants -- you name it. Of course, some of these activities will require electrical work and even a permit in some cases. If you're building a garage from scratch, why not make it your dream space?

Electrical & Permits

Electrical ordinances vary, so make sure to check codes before planning numerous outlet boxes. You don't want too many power outlets! Depending on the additional uses of your garage, you may need an inspection and permit to complete the project; this is helpful to keep the project safe, too. 

Design elements to consider


Once all the structural planning is taken care of, it's time to decide how the garage will look! Are you going to match the color scheme to your home? Remember, a new garage has the opportunity to add a lot of resale value to your home. So, make sure you put thought into the appearance of the final product! 


Let there be light! When planning garage light fixtures, fluorescent lights are a great energy efficient option. If you plan on using your garage for activities other than storage, fluorescents are a nice, bright choice. If you're looking to amp up security with your new garage, motion sensor lights are a nice addition. 


Maybe you prefer natural lighting, over fluorescent. Designing a garage with windows will bring a bright ambiance to the space, even if it's just from windows in the garage door. If privacy is a concern, tinting or frosting windows will do the trick!

Garage Door

Lastly, you can't forget the garage door. This is a vital finishing touch to the project! You want the garage door to complement your brand new garage, so choosing its design and feel is important. Installing a new garage door means you can style out on accessories too, like WiFi connectivity. Once you've formulated a plan of what you want, you're ready to get started on your new dream garage!