What Are The Best Uses For A Garage?

Garages: the space in your home you may have never thought to utilize - until now. What makes the best use of a garage may differ per person, but there's no doubt it can host a multitude of activities. Depending on your hobbies and lifestyle, your garage may require electricity, heat or some soundproofing to accommodate some ideas. With a proper garage door for insulation and efficiency, as well as some basic utilities, your garage can become your home away from home (even if it's attached to your house).

Here are some ideas to fuel your garage inspiration:


Of course we had to include the "original" use of a garage. Having the ability to park your car in the garage during winter as time-saving as it is sanity-saving - one fabulous perk of being a homeowner. If you are lucky to have a garage living in a city or urban area, having the extra space can mean the world when closet space gets tight. With proper organization, a garage can become a second wardrobe for your off-season clothing and footwear. If your garage has a new door with proper insulation, storing belongings in your garage is convenient year round.


Also arguably another conventional use, using your garage as workshop space can come in handy when you need to repair and sharpen tools or use machinery. If you do store your tools in the garage, clearing a workspace will allow you to create or repair anything - without worrying about a mess or damage to valuables. This use of a garage may be common, but it's  also quite valuable to city-dwellers, being that extra workspace can be very expensive to rent.


You may not have the resources to turn your garage into a full-out movie theatre, but you can still use it for events! Garages can be easily soundproofed, making it a useful space for parties and playing music. Starting a band? There's a reason people practice in garages! Setting up tables, music devices and even a small refrigerator can be enough to host a great summer party. Just make sure your garage is clean and the area is safe for a group of guests.

Craft/Art Room

Hobbies can be messy. Children can be messy. What's a good solution? Clearing out an area in your garage for crafts. Your child staining the floor of the garage with glitter pens is likely more tolerable than the living room rug. An insulated garage is useful for keeping paint and other art supplies in tact. Even if your crafting includes building furniture or using machinery, your garage is a great space for it!


Potting plants and getting your hands dirty are perfect activities for a garage. Pick up some soil and create a whole potting station in the comfort of being indoors. You will likely need to put in windows if you don't have them, and purchase some grow lights. However, these additions are quite easy and can lead to a garage space full of a greenery.


Turn your garage into anything you want! Make sure to have access to essential utilities and a high-quality garage door for insulation and protection. With the basics taken care of, you can design your garage to become a game room, office or even a studio apartment. The opportunities to convert a garage are endless. A garage is a great space to workout in and keep equipment that may take up too much space in the home or not be safe around small children. Don't have a designated laundry at home? Turn your garage into one! Your garage can be used to support your small business, provide privacy for a creative space, a bar for all of your friends and anything else you put your mind to! It's all about what suits you.

Things to consider

If you intend to use your garage space throughout the year, make sure to have an insulated garage and overhead door. If you plan to convert your garage, check with an electrician about wiring outlets and safety procedures. Before renovating, check with your municipality on the rules of your area in case a permit is required. With that said, your garage is part of your home, so it should be an area that you enjoy and utilize to your liking. Get creative and get started!