Keeping Your Garage Pest-Free

 A garage is an excellent shelter for your car, power equipment, tools and whatever else you may want to store each season. Unfortunately, many pests and bugs find your garage rather accommodating too. A garage provides pests with a warm, safe place that has multiple entrance points, including one very large entry point--the garage door. Typical pests you'll find in the garage include rodents, crickets, spiders, flies, silverfish and sometimes larger wildlife. So, how do you keep these pests out of your garage and home? 

Tips to keep pests out of the garage

Weatherstrip doors and windows

You might've added some extra support to any doors or windows in your garage to prepare for winter, but did you know it serves an additional purpose? Some bugs are tiny enough to fit through the smallest cracks and lay eggs in your garage. Before you know it, there are silverfish all over your stuff. Making sure any garage window frames and side doors are tightly sealed will help prevent pests from squeezing their way inside to hide from the cold weather. 

Seal cracks and holes with silicone-based caulk

Bugs and small mice can fit through even the smallest cracks in foundation. Check the floor, walls and ceiling for any cracks or holes that you can seal with silicone caulk. Not only will your pest prevention tactics help ward off unwanted visitors, but it'll also make your garage more energy efficient by stopping unwanted heat flow. 

Fix leaky pipes/use dehumidifier

Bugs, like silverfish and crickets, are attracted to moisture and your garage may just be their ideal place to be. If possible, fix any leaky pipes that may be exposed in the garage. You can even run a dehumidifier in your garage if the situation requires it. Pests can be persistent!

Cleanliness and declutter

A clean garage may seem like an obvious tip for keeping it pest-free, but we store lots of items in it! The best way to store small items in the garage is to use plastic containers with lids, rather than cardboard boxes. Pests are attracted to clutter because it gives them a place to hide--don't give them this opportunity and you will avoid a lot of stress. 

Garage door maintenace or replacement 

It's important that your garage door is operating properly and reaches the ground fully. Don't let pests take advantage of you by avoiding a simple garage door adjustment. If your garage door has multiple problems, it's likely the largest gateway to a pest problem inside your garage (and potentially your home). Whether you need a repair or replacement, take care of your garage door to ensure a pest-free, comfortable garage. 

Enjoying a pest-free garage and home

If you notice there are rodents and bugs crawling around your garage, prevention may be too late. Pests can carry transmittable diseases to humans and our pets that make them more dangerous than just being creepy. If you find or suspect an infestation in your garage, call a pest professional right away. If you check your garage and don't find anything, a proactive approach involving a clean garage and regular garage door maintenace should keep it that way!