How to Spring Clean Your Garage In Time For Warm Weather

Spring is here and so is the imminent conflict of cleaning out your garage. When you're ready to tackle the mess, where do you begin? While not every garage is the same, homeowners use them to store a lot more than just cars. A garage can provide a jack-of-all-trades environment for activities in spring and summer -- so as long as there's room! We've created an ideal list of tips to get your garage spacer ready for warm weather. Here's how you can get started:


There's nothing wrong with using your garage as storage. In fact, it's an excellent place for yard tools, winter coats and shoes, cleaning supplies -- you name it; however, sometimes during winter we get a little cold and careless about garage organization. The best step is to take everything out of your garage. Can anything be recycled, thrown away or donated? Clear out your garage top-to-bottom and begin to re-organize things by their use/importance. Keep items that belong together in separate piles and decide what is going to go where. Once you've figured out what's staying and what's leaving, it's time to spring clean.

A Clean Garage Is A Useful Garage

Start by dusting and wiping the surfaces of your garage, sweeping out any debris leftover from winter. Next, grab your garden hose and a gentle cleaner. Once you fully rinse any remaining product, squeegee the remaining water out of the garage if possible. Now the basics are done, but what's next?

Probably the most essential part of cleaning your garage is the door opener and frame! The garage door sensor needs to be clear of any dirt or debris to work properly and safely. Clean and inspect your garage door opener and door frame. Of course, you want to periodically inspect your entire garage door system -- but spring is a great time of year to do so. Check for any damage, like rust or warping. You may discover there's some maintenance you need taken care of! You'll want to clean the exterior of your garage too. Wash any windows and siding that may have gotten dingy from rough Buffalo winter weather. Depending on your garage, you might have side windows, or maybe window panels on your overhead door. Regardless of placement, grab a sponge and use some dish detergent with a little water and vinegar to get out tough stains.

Time to Organize

To optimize space for your car(s), try using as much wall and ceiling space as possible. Pick up heavy-duty hooks and holders from the hardware store and mount them onto your garage. Anything with a handle now has a place to go off of the floor. If you've ever driven over your rake, this is a nice option!

Another useful garage hack is getting bins or shelf units to store smaller items. If you use your garage for crafts, art, or other hobbies with small pieces -- organization is key! Label everything. If your family shares the garage space, make sure they know where things are to put by labeling things. It may take time, but helpful guides will save you time in the long run (especially with playful kids).

Ready, Set, Go

Garages can come in handy for a lot of uses! Spring cleaning isn't always our first idea of welcoming warm weather, but a clean garage will surely help make it more enjoyable. Once your garage is fresh and clean, check out our blog about best uses for a garage!