Why We Choose LiftMaster

Providing outstanding service to our customers starts with the products we offer. At Hamburg Overhead door, we're proud to offer the best brands in the industry when it comes to your garage door. We like to partner with companies that hold the same values as we do -- making your home safer and more efficient with a modern garage door system. LiftMaster is one of the most popular products we offer, and has been around almost as long as we have -- 45 years to be exact! With such an extensive background, there's many features LiftMaster garage openers provide, so we decided to break down it down for our customers:


It takes innovation for a business to last almost five decades and counting! LiftMaster garage door openers come available with MyQ Technology -- a feature that controls your garage door with the click of a button from any synced smart device. You can monitor garage door useage, make sure it's closed while you're at work, or whatever you need to do to feel secure! It's exciting for us to install a new garage door system and share this feature with our customers; making people's daily lives easier is something that never gets old.

P3 Motors

Garage doors have important jobs to do. When we install a LiftMaster garage door opener, we know we can count on optimal performance. LiftMaster openers are made with durable and powerful P3 Motors, designed to provide maximum performance for your garage door. Not only is this system powerful, it's industry-leading quiet operation makes it one of the best in the business! Our work at Hamburg Overhead Door is guaranteed, which is why we choose only the best to ensure our customers' garage doors open quickly and safely every time; with our expert technicians and LiftMaster products, every garage door receives special treatment. 

Backup Power

Expect the unexpected -- and prepare for it. When the power goes out, LiftMaster keeps working. With their patented Battery Backup, LiftMaster openers will operate even without available electricity. The backup power features the longest standby time on the market! If you lose power, LiftMaster gives you one less thing to worry about -- which is a convenience most homeowners can appreciate.


We take safety very seriously, and unsurprisingly, so does LiftMaster; they report that 1 in 15 garages lack the latest garage door safety features. To help customers determine the safety of their garage door, LiftMaster provides an easy 3-step process to check the safety of your garage door here. With this type of commitment to a safe, quiet and powerful garage door system -- we are proud to offer our customers LiftMaster garage door openers. Our technicians are experts when it comes to overhead doors; paired with high-quality products, you can rest assured that we will overdeliver for all of your garage door needs!

Want to know more about LiftMaster Garage Door Openers? Contact us today for a free estimate on a LiftMaster opener that you can operate from anywhere!