When Should You Give Hamburg Overhead Door a Call?

A damaged garage door can pose the following risks:

Car Damage

A broken door can shut suddenly and damage your car.

Personal Injury

If the garage door cable is broken, the door can shut suddenly. Because a garage door is weighty, it can result in serious injury, which is why we advise you not to attempt repairing the garage door yourself.

Garage Door Replacement

A stitch in time will save you nine. If you do not repair your garage door, you risk more damage, resulting in irreparable dysfunction requiring a new garage door.

Cement Chipping

The heavy garage door shutting suddenly can cause the cement flooring to break, costing you more money.

Poor Insulation

Garage doors can make electric bills a nightmare. If you have a broken garage door, you lose hot or cool air much faster, meaning you pay more bills.

Access to Intruders

If your garage door does not close properly, an intruder can easily find their way into your home. You do not want that to happen.


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