Clarence, NY Garage Door Maintenance

Clarence, NY Garage Door MaintenanceOver time, your garage door is bound to wear and tear, reducing its efficiency. Without proper maintenance from a professional garage door company in Clarence, NY, you'll have to deal with problems, such as premature failure, a sudden increase in energy costs, and more.

About Our Garage Door Maintenance Services

There are many components of your garage door that require maintenance over time. Below are some of the areas our team will address during your garage door maintenance service. 

Weather Stripping

Weather stripping protects the garage door from drafts. The continuous use of your garage door coupled with the harsh conditions in Clarence, NY, such as rain, cold, heat, and wind, lead to wear and tear of the weather stripping over time. Preventative maintenance checks for areas that may be chipped, cracked or detached to make the necessary repairs or replacements.


Typically, garage doors have moving parts that required lubrication due to friction. More friction leads to more strain on your garage door opener, leading to mechanical issues. The moving parts in garage doors must be greased every six months to avoid these issues.

Inspection of Tracks, Springs, and Rollers

Tracks can quickly accumulate debris and rust or even bend. During maintenance, a professional will make the necessary adjustments to avoid costly repairs in the future. Door springs and rollers are also examined for wear and tear, over-stretching, or damage.

Why Garage Door Maintenance Is Essential


Lack of maintenance from an experienced garage door company means that you have to deal with a lack of lubrication, unaligned tracks, loose bolts, and more. These problems cause excess wear and tear on your garage door because it can't close properly, limiting its lifespan.


A neglected garage door will mostly need premature repairs or even a full replacement which will be expensive. Also, issues such as improper insulation will cause an increase in energy bills.


If your garage door isn't functioning properly, you may find yourself unable to gain access to your garage or stuck inside. You'll need to call a garage door company immediately to make repairs or replacements, which is an inconvenience to your day's plans.

Reach Out to the Clarence Garage Door Maintenance Experts

Preventative garage door maintenance will save you from incurring expensive repairs or replacements. Also, you'll never have to worry about a malfunctioning door when you least expect it. At Hamburg Overhead Door, we are a garage door installation and maintenance company serving Clarence, NY. Contact us today to learn more about our garage door services.