What's Causing My Garage Door to Make Noises?

Is there a thunderstorm or did someone just open your garage door? As homeowners, we often know that ignoring a problem does not make it go away. So, your garage door is making noises. It still works, doesn't it? Even if the noise doesn't alarm you, there's a strong possibility that eventually your garage door will stop working. On a morning that you have to get to work, a garage door that won't open will likely pose a problem! How do you go about deciding if the problem is serious? And if so, how do you describe the noise to a repair company? Here's a few of the common noises your garage door might be making -- and why:

If Your Garage Door Is Booming

Do you have an electric garage door opener? If you hear a loud, booming noise when you open and close your garage door, it definitely is having problems raising and lowering the overhead door. What usually causes this is a broken torsion spring; to check if this is the case, look at your garage door while it's closed to see if one of the springs may be broken into two pieces. It's important to call a technician to repair the problem -- eventually, the garage will not function properly and become a safety hazard.

If Your Garage Door Is Clinking

Is there a "clink, clink" sound when your garage door is in use? This is likely another spring-related problem. The noises you are hearing are produced by the coils of the springs rubbing together and causing friction. If your garage door is a little older and possibly rusty, this may be the reason why it's making a clinking noise. To avoid this, keep up with garage door maintenance!

If Your Garage Door Is Squeaking

If your door sounds like an animal squealing, there could be a couple different things wrong with it. It might simply just be a lack of lubrication to the exterior frame and in between the garage door sections. Over time, this parts become dry and stick together. If the squeaking is really noticeable, your garage door might be out of balance. Check the alignment of your garage door when in use, and look for any irregular movement. If you're unsure, call a technician to give it an inspection to avoid further damage.

If Your Garage Door Is Grinding

If it sounds like a chain is caught in your garage door, the chain or belt of your electric garage door opener may be at risk. It's possible that the opener is damaged and skipping a link or two, or the belt is loose; this can be fixed with an adjustment. Be careful trying to fix this problem yourself as you could damage the garage door opener. Some things are better left to the professionals to avoid causing further damage.

Call A Professional

Safety should always come first. If your garage door requires more than a simple lubrication, you should call a technician! At Hamburg Overhead Door, we provide in-home visits and free estimates for repair or replacement. Depending on the noise, your garage door could have a relatively simple problem -- you never know until you inquire!