How to Open Your Garage Door During A Power Outage

Inclement weather is something many Western New York homeowners must face. Whether rain or snow, storms bring power outages, and with that, things we depend on become unusable. If you still have a manual garage door, this may have never occurred to you -- but how do you open your garage door when there's no power? It may not seem like an immediate emergency, but what if your car is inside? Thankfully, it doesn't take a team of experts to get your garage door open without power. Here's what you can do:

Bypass the Automatic Garage Door System

It's likely your garage door has a function that turns off its automatic opener. This allows you to use open and close it manually. Depending on the type of garage door you have, you'll usually find a rope hanging from the garage door system. There may be on a handle attached to the rope on some models, but regardless, that's the bypass trigger you're looking for. By using this, the opener releases from the inoperable automatic system. If possible, it's important to make sure the garage door is closed when activating the bypass. If the garage door is open when the bypass is activated, the heavy weight of the overhead door could push it downward and damage its parts or injure someone nearby. Once done safely, you will have successfully accessed the ability to use your garage door manually!

When Power Returns to Your Home

You'll want to reattach your garage door to its automatic opener once power comes back on. While model of garage door can differ slightly, there's usually a button on the automatic opener you can press and wait to see its spring attachment reconnect once its lifted up enough. If for some reason your automatic opener doesn't have a button, you can pull down on the rope again, just like before. Once you release the rope, pull the garage door upward until you hear it snapback. It may be helpful to have assistance when doing this, just to be more safe.

Remember to Be Safe

Power outages may be inconvenient, but your garage door doesn't have to be. With this in mind, garage doors are built to be as safe as possible; however, make sure that you feel comfortable operating your garage door manually. Overhead doors are very heavy and if you feel that it isn't operating properly, it's best to call a professional to help. Detaching and reattaching your garage door should be easy to accomplish during a power outage. You know your garage door best -- if you sense it isn't going well -- take the time to call a repair expert. It's always best to be safe!

When You Need An Expert

If your garage door becomes a hassle, or hazard, Hamburg Overhead Door will be by your side. If you need garage door repair or assistance, our technicians are happy to help. Don't let a power outage stop you from getting where you need to go. If manually opening your overhead door becomes an issue, give us a call!