4 Tips For A Greener Garage

"Going green" may mean something different for everyone. You can switch up your diet and drive an electric car, or you can go the more simple route by turning your garage into an eco-friendly space. Our garages are often used as storage or as a workspace, which can include the use of toxic chemicals and hazardous materials. Making eco-friendly changes to your garage can reduce energy bills, improve functionality and make it a safer place for the whole family. Who doesn't want that? Here are four tips to transform your garage into a greener space. 

1. Air Quality 

Paint plays an important role in the air quality of our homes, as well as our garages. Purchasing eco-friendly paint that is free of volatile organic compounds (VOC) will promote a healthier indoor air quality. It's common to utilize garage space during the use of industrial cleaners,chemicals and activities like autobody work. Adding a ventilation fan will improve air quality by circulating air at a higher rate, removing the fumes caused by certain products often used in the garage. Your lungs and the environment will thank you later! Keeping a healthy air quality in the garage is a great first step to transforming it into a healthier, safer place for your family and the environment. 

2. Insulation and Energy Efficiency

You can insulate your garage in many eco-friendly ways! A properly insulated garage door is the most effective method of conserving energy and protecting the garage from outdoor air. With an attached garage, a well-insulated garage door can provide a lot of energy savings. Caulking floors, walls and windows will help conserve energy as well. Sealing cracks in the garage or home is an easy step to being more energy efficient. With a well-insulated garage door and any opens sealed, your garage won't waste any heating or cooling provided by your home! Once your garage is sealed and protected, check to see if your lights could be contributing to carbon emissions. Replacing bulbs with LED's will improve efficiency, while improving your garage's carbon footprint.

3. Hazardous Materials

Keeping a clean, organized garage is important when storing or using hazardous materials. Road salt, antifreeze, auto fluids and even pesticides are often associated with garages. We keep these products in the garage for safety reasons, but it's important that they're sealed, or cleaned immediately if spilled. As mentioned before, air quality is very integral to being environmentally conscious, so make sure there's proper ventilation when handling any of these materials. Once your garage is organized, insulated and eco-friendly, all you need to do is secure it!

4. Safety First

A secure garage will help avoid any unwanted incidents. If you've spent time and effort making your garage eco-friendly, you'll want to keep it safe from accidents! A quality garage door will ensure pets and children aren't getting into your newly organized green space. Reducing your garage's carbon footprint while improving safety and energy efficiency is a great summer project! By the time winter comes, your garage will be insulated, clean and ready to save you money on energy bills. Sometimes all you need is a little detox, so why not give your garage the same special treatment?