4 Major Signs Your Garage Door Needs Repair

 With any major appliance or home device, it's important to be observant of signs that indicate a need for repair. A garage door is no different. As one of the more complex mechanical systems in the home, a garage door must function properly for safety concerns and garage use. How do you know when it's time to repair or replace your garage door? We've identified four major signs that your overhead door requires more than a DIY-job:

  1. Garage door operates slowly, not at all or reverses

A non-operating garage door is a clear sign of needing a replacement, of course. However, a slow operating overhead door is a sure sign of needing repair too. It could be due to blockage, the remote door opener malfunctioning or even the connection between the overhead door and the control panel. If you notice a decrease in speed, periodically test how long your garage door takes to open and close. Another red flag is when your garage door opens partially, but then goes in reverse. This could be an issue with the safety feature. A well-functioning garage door is important for safety, as well as reliability. Not many of us have excess time in the morning before work, a slow garage door is an added stress to our schedule that can be avoided with repair.

  1. Consistent noise

An old garage door is likely to be noisy. While in use, if your garage door sounds like it's grinding slapping, or scraping -- it probably needs a good fixing. If you are set on repairing the problem yourself, make sure to at least ask an expert to determine what is causing the noise. Hearing a loud garage door open and close can be annoying, but keep in mind that safety is always most important! A damaged garage door can be unsafe to operate. Take the necessary steps to repair it, or ask our experienced technicians to lend a hand.

  1. Higher energy bills

Is your garage door attached to your home? A high-quality garage door has proper insulation to keep in cold or warm air, depending on the season. Hefty energy bills are caused by many factors, but garages can prove to be culprits in wasting energy when lacking sufficient insulation provided by the garage door. It's also possible that a faulty garage door requires more electricity to work, resulting in higher energy bills. The extra effort it takes to operate a dysfunctional overhead door adds up when used multiple times a day.

  1. Old or outdated model

If garage door problems aren't a new thing for you, it could be that your overhead door is an older model. When your garage door is going on 10-15+ years, repairs become almost obsolete. Without replacement parts available, a new garage door is likely your best option. Why is this important? Overhead door safety features have improved greatly in the past few years. If you think you are considering a replacement, there's good news! A garage door adds value to your home, while improving security and energy-efficiency. At Hamburg Overhead Door, it's our mission to over deliver. Contact us for a free estimate on your garage door, and let's step up your curb appeal.