4 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Is Important

If you're planning projects to increase the resale value of your home, or want to replace a garage door that's run its course - our showroom in Hamburg, NY is the perfect place to start! Choose from a variety of new additions and work with our experts to customize an overhead door that will step up your curb appeal for years to come.

As a homeowner, it's common to wonder what the best methods to increase the value of your home are. Even if you aren't planning renovation projects for resale value, it's great to take pride in building upon the place you call home. Yet, home renovations can use a surplus of time and money, depending on the project. What's a simple, affordable solution to enhancing your home? A new garage door. Not only do garage doors make our homes more pleasing, they offer homeowners and potential buyers many benefits.

Added Value

Replacing a garage door is one of the top ways to increase your home's resale value - without breaking the bank. The cost of an upscale garage door is minimal when compared to other home renovations, but the increased return on your investment is undeniable. The Remodeling Cost Vs. Value Report ranks garage door replacement as the #3 national home project under $5,000 to deliver the most resale value in 2017.

Offering a fresh look to your home and garage, a new overhead door sets a great first impression to potential buyers and visitors alike. With a plethora of colors, designs and finishes - style can be the forefront of your decision-making process. While not every homeowner is looking to sell, a new garage door will leave you feeling proud of the work you have put into your home - without stressing about huge costs.


We rely on our garages more than we realize. Our garage doors protect our cars, valuables and even our homes (with attached garages). A low-quality overhead door offers little to no protection. The safety features of an overhead door, such as the locking mechanism, should be effective and up-to-date. A new overhead door with the latest technology will limit access to your home and ensure peace of mind.

A high-quality garage door reduces the risk of accidents. As technology has progressed, the safety of overhead doors has increased. The installation of a garage door is imperative to its performance. This means bringing in an expert to do the job is almost always the best option.

Energy Efficiency

Have you considered that your attached garage may be increasing your heating and cooling costs? An attached garage can often be the most uninsulated part of a home. Due to shared walls, increased strain of heating/cooling in the garage and home will often occur. Lack of insulation around an overhead door can lead to increased energy bills, moisture damage and potentially little critters looking to share your garage with you. Even with a detached garage, insulation can play an important role in storage and activities that take place inside.

The best time to deal with garage insulation is when installing or replacing an overhead door. There's no need to sacrifice beauty for efficiency. At Hamburg Overhead Door, our collection provides you with custom options to create the ideal entrance to your home.


No one likes to be late. We have all dealt with a garage door in need of replacement that has hindered our schedules. New technology offers the ability to use WiFi when accessing your garage door. A slow, old garage door is the last thing anyone wants to deal with when leaving for work in the morning - especially in the winter.

Like most things, the better quality your overhead door is, the less time and money you will need to invest in maintaining it. Most homeowners will agree that a time and money-saving renovation is an investment worth making.